2013 Sport Fishing Charter Prices

$900 for up to 10 people. $50/person over 10. Day trips usually leave at 6 A.M.

$800 for up to 10 people, $50/person over 10. Afternoon trips usually leave at 3 P.M.

You do not have to charter the whole boat. We can put you together with other people to form a charter. These trips are run strictly on a reservation basis. YOU CANNOT BOARD THE BOAT WITHOUT A RESERVATION. Cost: $90/person, day trips only.

$700 for up to 6 people, weekdays only.

Please note: All of the above trips are inshore only.

  • All charters must have a deposit of 1/3. In the event of a cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded unless the date can be rebooked. If the cancellation is less than 48 hours before the scheduled trip the total payment will be due.
  • Split charters are all pre-arranged. No walk-ons.
  • Tipping the mate is customary. The mate works long and hard to make your trip a pleasure. Fishing instructions, taking your fish off, re-rigging, filleting and packaging your catch are a small part of the services he provides. 15% is the customary tip.
  • Having a good time with your friends means enjoying the day on the ocean and catching fish, not getting drunk. A small amount of beer or wine is permitted. No hard liquor or drug use will be tolerated at any time.

Sunsets Riverfront Restaurant
- Mad Gaffer II is located behind the restaurant
302 S Concourse Ave
Neptune, NJ 07753

Sandy Hook Bay Marina
- Spring Location during April - May for Spring Striper Fishing
1 Willow St
Highlands, NJ 07732

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Sailing from Sunsets Riverfront Restaurant in Neptune, NJ

302 S Concourse Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753
(732) 803-6276